The ABC “Good Morning America” page on has a new article up about the incident from this past Monday’s 1/19 WWE RAW in Dallas, Texas where Triple H consoled a young fan at ringside who was upset that John Cena was being beaten up during the main event of Cena against Seth Rollins, Kane and the Big Show.

Triple H on the incident:

“As we were sitting ringside, the young man was behind me and he was chanting my name, over and over. It was just me being in character. I said, with eye brows up, ‘Hey, stop messing with me. I’m trying to do my job over here. I broke out of character, and put my head to his and messed his hair up. I just said, ‘Hey, buddy, it’s OK. I’m just playing around.'”

The young fan, Lucian Deerer’s father, Chad, on the incident:

“For him to come out of character in front of all those people on live TV … it’s a pretty bold statement of, in reality, he’s pretty cool. It’s a huge impression for an 8-year-old little boy that I can pretty much guarantee you he will never forget.”

The article notes that Lucian got to go backstage to chat with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, take pictures and get some free WWE merchandise. WWE Star Triple H Breaks Character to Console Young Fan