Darren Young criticizes WWE over upcoming Abu Dhabi tour

WWE star Darren Young took to Twitter on Tuesday to criticize the WWE’s upcoming three day tour of Abu Dhabi later this week. Young, the first openly gay wrestler in WWE, questioned touring the country as homosexuality is a crime in the country and punishable with jail time, fines or deportation.

Young wrote the following on Twitter and later deleted it.

“Why do we bring the best entertainment into a country like abu dhabi and they look down upon women and gays? I get it! #MillionsofDollars”

Young has since issued the following tweets.

“It’s unfortunate but it happens 2 the best of us. Let’s not 4get, however, what matters the most is the ability to entertain. #BlockTheHate”

“My freedom of speech is gone. Gone but not forgotten.”

“I feel like no none has my back and it upsets me. The struggle is real. I’m human.”

Source: Twitter.com/DarrenYoungWWE