Colt Cabana talks about his negative experience with WWE

Adam Stephen Kelly of Rolling Stone is featuring an interview with Colt Cabana talking about his sucess post-WWE on the independent wrestling circuit and his very popular podcast.

During the interview, Cabana addresses his time with WWE in developmental and why he felt things didn’t go well during his run as Scotty Goldman.

“I just felt I was thought of as a first-year rookie, which is hard to do as a professional; to go into an environment where you’re not treated at a level you think you should be, or at the level you’ve been treated at going in,” Colton says. “I learned so much stuff but there’s a little bit of me that will always have a chip on my shoulder from being treated as a young boy when I don’t think I was.”

You can check out the full article at the link below.

Rolling Stone: Colt Cabana Gets the Last Laugh: How Wrestling’s Comedian Built an Empire