Rhyno talks about House of Hardcore, showing up in NXT

Stephen Parson passed this along.

Former WWE Superstar and ECW Legend Rhyno joins Off the Turnbuckle on NoStaticRadio.com with Stephen Parsons and Tim Grattan. Rhyno discussed his relationship with Tommy Dreamer, how social media has changed pro wrestling and the WWE Network. He also talks about working with Steve Austin in the Invasion angle as well as his current goal of winning the NXT Championship.

Some quotes.

“Tommy Dreamer knows what the fans want” in reference to running the House of Hardcore promotion.

“The Invasion angle was successful, but could have milked it a little bit longer” when asked if the Invasion angle was considered a failure.

“Whatever it takes to win that NXT Championship” when asked if there was anything to the stare down with Finn Balor 2 weeks ago.