WWE responds to allegations against head trainer Bill DeMott

A letter to WWE officials by former NXT developmental talent Austin Matelson (who worked under the name Judas Devlin) made the rounds on Monday evening making some serious allegations towards WWE head trainer Bill DeMott.

Matelson spoke in detail about a series of events where DeMott allegedly physically assaulted students, used racial and sexually sensitive language towards talent and forced students into drills that led to a number of injuries. Matelson was released by WWE after suffering a severe spinal injury that he claims took place under the training of DeMott and was made worse including suffering a serious knee injury as well.

Other allegataions made by Matelson towards DeMott included forcing students to put their face near the bottom rope so he could bust open their lips running the ropes, slapping a student in a training room after they felt dizzy following a blow to the head in the ring and physically assaulting students that were not cleared for any physical activity due to injury. Matelson described it as a “culture of fear and negativity.”

Former developmental talents Ryan Nemeth (Briley Pierce) and Gregory Marasciulo (Trent Barreta) both seemed to back the allegations on Twitter.

WWE issued the following statement in regards to the letter.

“WWE took the accusations made two years ago by Austin Matelson very seriously, conducted a full investigation and was unable to validate the claims.  Regardless, WWE continues to reinforce policies and procedures to ensure a positive training environment.”

Source: PWInsider.com