Chris Jericho deletes comment defending Bill DeMott

Chris Jericho quietly deleted a comment off of Twitter earlier today that he made yesterday in defense of NXT head trainer Bill DeMott based off of recent allegations made against DeMott by former NXT developmental talent Austin Matelson (Judas Devlin) about how DeMott treats talent in developmental. Jericho had tweeted the following:

“Hey @BillDeMott is a good friend & great trainer. If u can’t handle it then quit. My training at #HartBrothers camp was 10,000 times worse!”

Jericho’s comment led to former WWE star and current TNA wrestler EC3 (Derrick Bateman in WWE) to tweet out the following in response:

“I love/sacrificed for pro wrestling. A Hart can stretch me any day. A know nothing dipshit slapping me when I’m concussed is different.”

Other former NXT developmental talent, including Ryan Nemeth (Briley Pierce), former WWE wrestler Trent Baretta and independent wrestler Joey Ryan have also commented on the situation in support of Matelson’s claims.

Also today, another former NXT developmental talent, Drew Donovan (Chase Donovan), commented on the situation via Facebook with the following:

For the record,

Everything coming out in this WWE Developmental fiasco is pretty much one hundred percent true. More people would speak out if it weren’t for that “maybe they’ll hire me back” mentality.

Not bitching, complaining, trying to correct an injustice, looking for a handout, or anything. Just saying. Now stop messaging me for confirmation and let me be depressed about turning 30.

WWE commented on the situation yesterday, releasing a statement that said they did a full investigation and couldn’t find anything that supported Matelson’s claims against DeMott.