Former WWE NXT head trainer Bill DeMott posted the following responses on Twitter last night to fan questions about the recent allegations made against him by former NXT developmental talent.

In response to Dr. Tom Prichard’s rant about WWE’s investigation of DeMott: 

“I’ve said it before and still stands, I’ve never had an issue with Tom and everyone has an opinion.”

In response to the infamous photo from a training session in Deep South Wrestling back in 2006 that showed one wrestler giving another the Stinkface:

“NO! That decision was made by 30 talent trying to NOT train on a Friday back in 2006.”

In response to calling Colt Cabana a Jewish slur, which Cabana brought up on his Art of Wrestling podcast this week: 

“I’m not surprised, I get that anyone can say what they want on social media, however if you knew me or anything about me you would know that would never come out of my mouth, I am neither racist or homophobic.”

Since resigning from WWE as NXT head trainer, DeMott has turned down a number of interview requests to talk about the allegations, so this is DeMott’s first detailed public comments about those allegations.