Jimmy Korderas talks backstage rib, WrestleMania 31 hype

Phil Johnson sent this recap in.

Former WWE official/referee Jim “Jimmy” Korderas, who worked for the company for over 22 years, recently took some time to participate in an exclusive in-depth interview with PWMania.com. Korderas shares a funny backstage rib story from his time in WWE, talks about Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE, WrestleMania 31 and much more. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Funny backstage rib story:

“Ok, here’s a quick one, we used to have a weekly NFL pool. Johnathan Coachman was the point man, he made the sheets and collected the money etc. One day Vince got the police to arrest Coach at the arena for “illegal gambling”. It was one of the greatest ribs in the history of ribs. If you ever talk to Coach, you should ask him about it. It was tremendous. One of those you really had to be there moments.”

Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE:

“I think it’s tremendous. A win/win for both sides. I can hear the diehard fans complaining about the “part-timer” label he has but Brock is such a huge superstar, being a so called part-timer works for him. He is a special athlete and should be treated as such. A special attraction that fans should pay to see. You don’t see Mayweather fight for free. People want realism in wrestling; no one is more real than Brock Lesnar. One thing is for sure, with Brock sticking around it adds intrigue to the outcome of the main event this Sunday at ‘Mania. Do you proceed with the game plan of making Reigns the next one or do you invest further in the unbeatable beast? I’ll say this about resigning Brock, It is what’s best for business!”

WWE WrestleMania 31:

“Like every year, I am very much looking forward to Wrestlemania. I know that the lead up or build this year has been questionable for many but that should not deter people from the fact that the show looks like it will deliver. If fans would just concentrate on watching the event and focus less on micro-critiquing every single aspect of the business, they may find that there is a show going on. Didn’t mean to rant but I sometimes think that some fans have forgotten what being a fan is like. They critique before the story plays out without knowing the ending or where the story is leading. I can vent all day long about this but I think you guys get my point.”

Korderas also talks about Vince McMahon, performing at WrestleMania, his WWE departure, Ring of Honor and TNA, what it’s like being a WWE referee, what he misses about WWE, what’s next for him and more.