Dana Warrior on the anniversary of Warrior’s passing

The widow of the late WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, Dana Warrior, posted the following blog on Twitlonger about the one-year anniversary of her husband’s passing. Here is an excerpt:

“I believe in observing anniversaries, even ugly, awful ones. I believe in facing hard days standing straight and upright not hiding in bed supine. I believe that we all have a choice when life hands you the worst case scenario and you’ll never regret making the choice to be brave. I believe we all have a divine plan and destiny and it is our job to show up, do the work and strive to realize what we are here to achieve….What I believe most, with everything I am is this..

This world was made better by a man brave enough to carry the name WARRIOR. This amazing and wonderfully generous man believed with every cell in his body that we are all uniquely created to be our OWN warriors and he would expect us to make that happen, each day, every day, especially today..and… ALWAYS!!

Rest in Peace beloved husband I will never let you down.

Dana xo”