WWE NXT announces upcoming tour dates in the Northeast

WWE NXT announced the following dates earlier today for their “On the Road” live event tour beginning later this month and into the month of June:

* 4/30 in Lakeland, Florida at the Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/1 in Tampa, Florida at the UACDC Gym (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/2 in Cocoa Beach, Florida at the Cocoa Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/8 in Largo, Florida at the Minnreg Hall (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Tower Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 5/16 in Albany, New York at the Washington Armory (Tickets on-sale 5/1, pre-sale code CAPITAL)

* 5/23 in Strake, Florida at the Strake Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/29 in Citrus Springs, Florida (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/30 in Venice, Florida at the Community Center (Tickets on-sale now)

* 6/11 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the AE Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 6/12 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 6/13 in Columbus, Ohio at the LC Pavillion (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

WWE.com: WWE NXT comes to Pennsylvania, New York & Ohio in May and June