DDP talks about DDP Yoga, going on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

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The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast is going to help you feel the bang and maybe possibly the burn as DDP, Diamond Dallas Page joins us for a look at the future of the DDP Yoga Performance Center and reflections on his wrestling career.

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DDP on feuding with Macho Man Randy Savage in WCW


Awareness of DDP Yoga and the benefits:

About five years ago I was doing a show with Bryan Alavarez. Bryan and I have been buddies since he first started writing for (Dave) Meltzer. Bryan has done DDP Yoga and he said where do you see Diamond Dallas Page in five years? I said bro, Diamond Dallas Page will be the next Jack LaLanne and Tony Robbins meets the great Richard Simmons. I said I honestly believe that DDP Yoga will dwarf my wrestling career and Bryan said well you have had an amazing wrestling career. Even though I did, Arthur (Boorman) had already begun his transformation and I knew what was possible.

Being recognized for his out of the ring work and his feelings on his WCW run:

When the Cauliflower Alley Club called me and said that they were going to give me the Jason Sanderson award aka the Humanitarian Award I realized that people were really seeing the difference. When I accepted the award I was thinking, do I really want all this to dwarf my wrestling career? I worked so hard for the wrestling part and nobody believed in the 35 year old wrestler who was starting up and that my career didn’t take off until I was 40 in 1996 so between 1996-2000 it was an unbelievable and unprecedented career.

The impact of his appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank:

I’ve got this brand new Performance Center behind my house and I call it the house that Shark Tank built because the amount of people that were driven to DDP Yoga from Shark Tank was unbelievable. They literally built this place for me. Everyone says that when I was on the show it was so stupid that I didn’t get a deal and I tell him or her, I didn’t want a deal. I would have like to have charged them one dollar because I wasn’t giving them 5% percent of my company. The producers told me you are not going to get a deal at 5% and I said well I still get to be on your show? They told me that it won’t create any buzz if you only want to charge a dollar and I said at that rate they will all be fighting over me for what could be the next P90x and they said that if you can’t use the money we can’t use you on the show and I told them emphatically I can use the money (laughs) but it was all pretty funny how it went down.

His match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 98:

Goldberg was only wrestling about a year and a half at that time and what’s funny about it is one of the things that happened in that match, was I told Bill to miss the spear because he never had missed the spear at that point. I told him I’ve got a good way to do it where you miss it and he simply did not want to do that. It took me three weeks to convince him that this is the way we should go. During the match at one point he runs into my boot and staggers back, turns and goes to spear me while I’m up against the turnbuckle, so with my arm up on the rope I throw myself over the top and onto the apron and he was coming so hard and fast he missed me by a millimeter if it was event that and he hit his shoulder hard on the post. So when we get to the end of the match and he is going to hit the spear, I know he is coming like a freight train and I am going to be like a napkin, that light so I don’t take the impact and Billy (Goldberg) would try to hit me with his spear so hard he could crack his sternum and when he hit me he hit his head so hard he knocked himself out.

DDP also discusses his feud with Johnny B. Badd and the process it took get their matches to TV, working at the Power Plant, his reflections on the launch of DDP Yoga, a DDP Yoga program for kids and where he envisions DDP Yoga in five years.