has an interview up with WWE star Ted DiBiase. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

On taking the “Million Dollar Belt” to show-and-tell:
“I do have a Million Dollar Belt story. I actually took the belt to show-and-tell one day. And my dad, he didn’t just carry the belt in a bag, he had a briefcase, a Halliburton briefcase with a lock on it. So all these kids pull out their paper sacks and pull out whatever they’re showing, then all of a sudden I come in with this briefcase and I slap it up on the desk. Then I enter the code, pop the briefcase open, and there it is in all its glory, the Million Dollar Belt. After that, I had like three girlfriends.”

On slapping his father on Raw:
“You know, I’ve been saving that up for a really long time. [laughs] When it actually happened, I turned around and saw his reaction and I felt a little bad. But what you didn’t see is after the show, after we went dark on TV, I was standing on the stage with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, and all of a sudden the music hits, the Million Dollar Man music hits, and I turn around and out walks my dad. He slapped the ever-living crap out of me. It knocked me to my butt, and then he walked off. The place went crazy. So yeah, I slapped him hard, but he got me back.”

On getting advice from Randy Orton:
“Not only do you learn a lot, but Randy always picks up the tab. He’s been nothing but help. He offers me help all the time, and he doesn’t have to do that, but we share a very special bond, the fact that we’re both third-generation wrestlers, so there’s that connection there. He’s reached out to me and has really made sure that I take the steps that I need to take to hopefully be where he’s at one day. We need to build a bigger card. These guys won’t be around all the time. Look at D-X ? they’re old. [laughs] They’re old. It’s our time now.”

If there is competition between himself and Cody Rhodes:
“Yeah, there’s competition with everyone. With me and Cody, it’s interesting because I have no doubt he will be on top, and I have no doubt that I will be on top, so I think it’s one of those things where we feed off of each other and we motivate each other. We’re climbing the ladder and that’s the really cool thing. He has the same kind of story that I do, so it’s really cool to share that with somebody. I have a little brother who is down in FCW as well, so there’s a lot to look forward to.”

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