Tanner talks about his elimination from WWE Tough Enough

Scott Fishman has a new interview up with recently eliminated WWE Tough Enough finalist Tanner Saraceno. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On what led to his elimination:

“I think my lack of facial expressions was the big thing that held me back. I also have a sarcastic kind of humor at times. I grew up with tough love and older brothers bullying you. So any reaction you give them, they just run with it. If they don’t get a reaction, they leave it alone. I think years of that secluded me a little bit. I think taking a few acting classes would help to work my face a little bit better. It’s the one thing I’m missing.”

On his future:

“I’m not going to lose what got me here, I’ll definitely be using my MMA with my wrestling. There is a gym nearby where I live that I can do my wrestling. I am going to try to find an acting class here and there. I am going to find a way to get my personality through a camera. I do have a great personality. It’s just being able to showcase that through a lens.”

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