WWE statement on allegations made in Amann-Punk lawsuit

WWE issued the following statement on Monday responding to new allegations made by Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton in new filings released within their ongoing lawsuit with WWE physician, Dr. Chris Amann:

“Phil Brooks’ latest claim that WWE directed Dr. Amann to file a lawsuit against Brooks is categorically false. Dr. Amann made the decision to file suit in order to protect his professional reputation. WWE conducted its own investigation into this matter and found no evidence of wrongdoing by Dr. Amann, and thus continues to support Dr. Amann and the staff that runs our world-class medical program.”

New filings released by attorneys for Brooks and Colton allege that the WWE and Dr. Amann are “collaborating and conspiring together in filing this lawsuit to retaliate against Brooks and Colton for the embarassment that the podcast caused WWE due to Brooks’ candid and truthful discussion of his various experiences while a part of WWE, despite the fact that Amann knows that Brooks’ statements about his complaints towards Amann are substantially true.”

Amann filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against Brooks and Colton earlier this year with Brooks and Colton later countersuing. A conference meeting has been set for October 9 with both sides’ attorneys to see where things stand with the case. Brooks and Colton are demanding that this case go to trial with a jury.

Source: PWInsider.com