Paul Heyman on why Austin vs. Lesnar isn’t happening

Brian Fritz of Sporting News is featuring an interview with Paul Heyman talking about this Saturday’s WWE Network special at Madison Square Garden and why Brock Lesnar vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is not likely to happen at WrestleMania.

“If there was a way to make this match happen, it would have happened right after that podcast. And the answer that was pretty defined was this match ain’t gonna happen. So, at that moment I knew don’t even think about it anymore because I can’t make that fantasy come true. So my thoughts to WrestleMania become what fantasies can I make true? What fantasy can I imagine and then present the audience with that compelling vision so that the audience buys into it and they salivate at the chance of being there live or subscribing to the network to see it play out in front of their very eyes that the fantasy, the dream becomes a reality at WrestleMania.”

Sporting News: Paul Heyman talks growing up in NYC, WWE at MSG, and a potential Austin-Lesnar dream match

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