Steve Austin evaluates Roman Reigns as WWE Champion

During a recent edition of the PWTorch Livecast, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gave his evaluation of Roman Reigns becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the “top guy” for WWE television going forward.

“You’re talking about a guy whose work has really improved, but he’s got to be more aggressive and he’s gotta have a sense of urgency. Now, he’s defending that belt, not chasing it, but he’s still pretty green in that regard, especially with respect to holding a championship belt. Man, he’s really got some pressure on him with the fact that now he is the champion. Right now, he is their number one guy.”

Austin also discussed the pressure of Reigns in this new position with WWE.

“All of a sudden when you become that top guy or get that belt, it’s put up or shut up. It’s always good to have a goal, but when all of a sudden you’ve been kind-of prematurely pushed and kind-of rejected and then all of a sudden you’re the guy, now the pressure is on more than ever.  All he’s got to do is shine, but the bottom line is he’s got to shine. He’s got to make chicken salad out of chicken scratch.”

You can check out the full interview with Austin at the link below.

PWTorch Livecast: Steve Austin Live Interview w/ Wade Keller


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