1/9 WWE Results: Montgomery, AL (Reigns vs. Sheamus)

1/9 WWE Results: Montgomery, Alabama

Wrestleview.com’s own Josh Boutwell passed along this live report.

WWE Live!
Montgomery, AL (Garrett Colliseum)
January 9, 2016
Report by: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

WWE held its first event in Alabama’s state capital since this time last year. Montgomery’s 12,000 seat Garrett Coliseum looked to be a little less than half full, which was a little surprising, with about 5,000 people in attendance for WWE’s annual venture to southern Alabama.

– The Wyatt Family (Braun Strowman, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan) def. Dudley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer
I have no idea what Tommy Dreamer’s purpose is at this point other than to take pinfalls. The Dudleyz got a nice pop. Decent six man tag with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan being extremely impressive. Strowman is imposing as hell physically. Harper took out Dreamer with a Spinning Clothesline.

– Fandango & Goldust def. The Ascension
This felt really lame to me, not the match quality as it wasn’t horrible or anything, but that here are four guys that are literally never on TV. I mean Fandango has barely ever been on live events even of late and I can’t remember a single time he teamed with Goldust. When is the last time The Ascension has even been on RAW? I understand that the WWE splits the roster into two different crews for house shows but it felt like they just threw a few random guys out there. Regardless, Fandango and Goldust did a good job getting the crowd behind them with some funny routines and double team spots. It was painfully boring whenever The Ascension was on offense though. Goldust pinned Viktor with the CrossRhodes.

– WWE Divas Title: Charlotte Flair (c) def. Becky Lynch
Good match from these two with a ton of mat and chain wrestling, not what you usually get to see on TV. Becky got the crowd behind her early and often. Charlotte pinned her with a rollup and a handful of tights.

– Kane def. Bray Wyatt
Kane received a MASSIVE ovation which was really surprising to me. He was wearing the mask and everything for this match. Solid match between the two with brawling out of the ring. The Wyatt Family ran out and got on the apron but The Dudleyz and Dreamer ran out and attacked them. Bray used the distraction to go for Sister Abigail, but Kane countered into a really weak Chokeslam for the pin. Bray’s entrance is amazing in person.

– Neville def. Bo Dallas
Bo cut a promo before the match asking if anyone had a dream and asked if we had a dream of Alabama winning the National Championship on Monday, but as everyone cheered he screamed that would never happen and he was going to start his winning streak tonight. Neville pinned in him in under 5 minutes with a 450 Splash. Neville’s high spots are so crisp and he makes it look so effortless.

After the match Bo pitched a fit and said that match didn’t count because it was a fluke and he will beat anyone in the back. Jack Swagger came out to a nice pop to answer the challenge.

– Jack Swagger def. Bo Dallas
Swagger tapped Bo with the Ankle Lock in under a minute to give Bo another loss.

– WWE Tag Team Titles: The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) (c) w/Kofi Kingston def. The Usos to retain the titles
The New Days is so damn entertaining, even more so live. They are definitely the best act in wrestling right now. The Usos are insanely over too. People were cheering for The New Day at first but they managed to turn the crowd pretty quickly. Xavier kept picking up his trombone and playing it throughout the match. Kofi interfered a lot to eventually kicking one of the Usos in the back of the head behind the referee’s back. Xavier rolled up Jey as Kofi distracted him to retain the titles. The Usos beat New Day down after the match.

– WWE World Title: Roman Reigns (c) def. Sheamus to retain the title
Anyone that suggests Reigns isn’t over at this point is kidding themselves. He had a HUGE ovation and his entrance was pretty cool live. The “you look stupid” chants were early and often for Sheamus and he played them up constantly. They had a really good, exciting back and forth match with some really good nearfalls down the stretch too. Sheamus kicked out of the Superman Punch and Reigns countered the Brogue Kick into a Spear for the pin.

After the match Roman cut a promo talking about growing up down the road in Pensacola, FL and said that his sister grew up in Alabama as she sat ringside. He said that she was an Auburn fan which got the boos you would except and then apologized to his sister as he said the state has a huge game Monday night and “Roll Tide” to a big ovation.

All in all it was a really fun show which it seemed like everyone was working hard and looking to put on a great show. It was a bit disappointing for me because I was hoping the Lucha Dragons, or at least Kalisto, would be there as they were advertised but neither appeared. The show was really fun and my only complaints really had nothing to do with the WWE or the event itself. Parking was horrible at the coliseum but one thing I really wish WWE would think about doing for the floor seats is either a) enforcing the whole “no standing on the seats” rule or b) making a section of the floor seats just for parents and children. It is almost impossible at times to see anything during a match if you are not standing (and if you are standing the person behind you then has to stand) because kids are constantly standing on their chances, and what is worse is that at least a dozen time there were grown adults standing on their chairs. There are signs everyone that clearly state “Do not stand on the chairs” yet no one ever enforced it. It is extremely frustrated to try and watch the show let alone get good pictures, at least without blocking the people behind you by standing up yourself, with people standing on seats in front of you.