Tough Enough winner receives backlash from WWE talent

WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, now going under the name Bronson Mathews in NXT, received backlash from WWE stars Kevin Owens and Stardust on Twitter on Monday night after Bredl sent out a tweet regarding The Social Outcasts group on RAW.

Bredl – in a tweet that has since been deleted – referred to the group as “#SocialJobbers.” This didn’t go over well with Owens and Stardust who quickly responded to the Tough Enough winner who collected a $250,000 contract with WWE earlier this year.

Stardust (Cody Rhodes) wrote, “Enjoy dressing in the hall dick. Not blocked. Banned.”

Owens said Bredl was not a peer and in response to a tweet (also deleted) by Bredl trying to laugh it off, Owens added, “Let him LOL. People like him fizzle out by themselves pretty quick anyway.” Owens quickly blocked Bredl and mocked his use of “insider terms.”

Source: @StardustWWE, @FightOwensFight, @BronsonWWE