Daniel Bryan reveals he hid post-concussion seizures

Daniel Bryan made an appearance on ESPN SportsCenter on Tuesday night talking with Jonathan Coachman about his retirement from WWE on Monday night during RAW.

When asked how many concussions he suffered during his 16 year wrestling career, Bryan revealed that they were able to document at least 10 concussions. He said it’s impossible to document each time he suffered a concussion during his career.

Coachman brought up how Bryan revealed last night that things with his brain weren’t as “okay as he thought.” Bryan said he went to New York City to take an EEG to measure electrical brain currents while undergoing reflex testing. He said that in the past, previous EEG and MRI tests had come out great along with his neuropsychological testing and that he was looking for something to prove he was okay to come back to an active wrestling.

However, a recent test revealed slowing and a “small subacute or chronic lesion” in his temporal region which is an area of the brain that causes seizures. Bryan noted that he has experienced post-concussion seizures that he has “hid for a long time.” He talked about the dangers of returning to contact sports too soon after suffering a concussion and that it is very important to report a concussion immediately to help yourself.

You can check out the full interview with Bryan at the link below.

ESPN: Daniel Bryan on concussions: “You have a responsibility to yourself”

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