Dan Brinati sent this in:

Was at Raw at the Allstate Arena. After the show went off the air…Orton got on the mic, said he didn’t feel like waiting till Sunday and went to punt Cena in the head. Cena avoided it got up and went after Orton. They brawled, then Legacy came out to jump Cena. DX came back out to even things up. DiBiase and Orton escaped, but Cody was caught in the ring. He took a sweet chin music, a pedigree, a 5 knuckle shuffle then an attitude adjustment. After Legacy and Orton cleared the ring, DX and Cena played around with the crowd, going back and forth getting the crowd to cheer, each pointing at a respective side and seeing who was louder. Eventually they got everyone fired up at once and the place was roaring. Then they left the ring shaking hands and celebrating with the crowd. That’s about it.

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