WWE’s Spring 2016 European tour kicks off today in Italy, full list of live events and TV tapings on the tour through April 23

WWE kicks off their Spring 2016 European tour with a series of live events over the next 10 days. The full list of the dates on the tour are as follows:

* 4/13 live event in Milan, Italy

* 4/14 live event in Florence, Italy

* 4/14 live event in Dubai, U.A.E

* 4/15 live event in Amsterdam

* 4/15 live event in Dubai, U.A.E.

* 4/16 live event in Nottingham, England

* 4/17 live event in Leeds, England

* 4/18 RAW TV tapings in London, England

* 4/19 Smackdown TV tapings in London, England

* 4/20 live event in Newcastle, England

* 4/21 live event in Brussels, Belgium

* 4/21 live event in Dublin, Ireland

* 4/22 live event in Paris, France

* 4/22 live event in Sheffield, England

* 4/23 live event in Malaga, Spain

* 4/23 live event in Glasgow, Scotland

If you are attending any of these live events, we are looking for live reports.

Send all live reports to AdamMartin@wrestleview.com.