Lawsuit filed against WWE by Jimmy Snuka and other talent over head injuries, WWE responds with statement

Bloomberg News is featuring an article about a new lawsuit being filed against WWE by Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and a host of other veteran talent claiming the company “hid the long-term effects of neurological injuries” after lengthy wrestling careers.

The lawsuit accuses WWE of failing to care for head injuries suffered by former talent “in any medically competent or meaningful manner” and for concealing the nature of long-term neurological injuries that were suffered as a result of wrestling.

WWE issued the following statement feeling confident it will be dismissed.

“This is another ridiculous attempt by the same attorney who has previously filed class action lawsuits against WWE, both of which have been dismissed. A federal judge has already found that this lawyer made patently false allegations about WWE, and this is more of the same.”

Chris Harrington provided the following list of plaintiffs named in the lawsuit to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online in addition to Snuka being identified earlier.

* Road Warrior Animal
* Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
* Paul Orndorff
* Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
* Chavo Guerrero, Sr.
* Adam Bomb
* Ahmed Johnson
* Kamala
* Dave Hebner
* Earl Hebner
* King Kong Bundy
* Ken Patera
* Sabu
* Barry Darsow
* Bill Eadie
* John Nord
* Johnny The Bull
* Henry Godwin
* Princess Victoria
* Judy Martin
* Mark Jindrak
* Axl Rotten’s Estate
* Marty Jannetty
* Jon Heidenreich
* The Warlord
* The Barbarian
* “The Crippler” Larry Oliver
* Bobbi Billiard
* Rex King
* Tracy Smothers
* Black Bart
* Slick
* One Man Gang
* Jesse Barr
* Butch Reed
* Jazz
* Sylvain Grenier
* Omar Atlas
* Don Leo Jonathan
* Shane Douglas
* Muhammad Hassan
* James Brunzell
* Susan Green
* King Kong Mosca
* Jim Powers
* Mike Enos
* Lou Marconi
* Rod Price
* Donald Driggers
* Rodney Mack
* Outlaw Ron Bass