WWE Draft Picks

WWE Draft Center Live Results 7/19/16
WWE Draft Center Live Results (WWE Network)
July 19, 2016
Coverage by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Live coverage of the remaining 2016 WWE Draft Picks will begin here following Smackdown shortly after 10:00 p.m. Eastern (9:00 CT).

Check out Mike Tedesco’s 7/19 WWE Smackdown Live results to find out who was part of the television draft on Tuesday night live on the USA Network.

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WWE Draft Picks that aired on WWE Network

Pick #31 (RAW): The Golden Truth
Pick #32 (Smackdown): The Usos
Pick #33 (RAW): Titus O’Neil
Pick #34 (Smackdown): Demon Kane
Pick #35 (RAW): Paige
Pick #36 (RAW): Darren Young w/Bob Backlund
Pick #37 (Smackdown): Kalisto
Pick #38 (RAW): Sin Cara
Pick #39 (Smackdown): Naomi
Pick #40 (RAW): Jack Swagger
Pick #41 (Smackdown): The Ascension
Pick #42 (RAW): The Dudley Boyz
Pick #43 (Smackdown): Zack Ryder
Pick #44 (RAW): Summer Rae
Pick #45 (Smackdown): Apollo Crews
Pick #46 (RAW): Mark Henry
Pick #47 (Smackdown): NXT’s Alexa Bliss
Pick #48 (RAW): Braun Strowman
Pick #49 (Smackdown): Breezango
Pick #50 (RAW): Bo Dallas
Pick #51 (Smackdown): Eva Marie
Pick #52 (RAW): The Shining Stars
Pick #53 (Smackdown): The Vaudevillains
Pick #54 (RAW): Alicia Fox
Pick #55 (Smackdown): Erick Rowan
Pick #56 (RAW): Dana Brooke
Pick #57 (Smackdown): NXT’s Mojo Rawley
Pick #58 (RAW): Curtis Axel
Pick #59 (Smackdown): NXT’s Carmella

Finalized rosters after 2016 WWE Draft


* Seth Rollins
* WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte
* NXT’s Finn Balor
* Roman Reigns
* Brock Lesnar
* WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day
* Sami Zayn
* Sasha Banks
* Chris Jericho
* WWE US Champion Rusev w/Lana
* Kevin Owens
* Enzo and Big Cass
* The Club
* The Big Show
* NXT’s Nia Jax
* Neville
* Cesaro
* Sheamus
* The Golden Truth
* Darren Young w/Bob Backlund
* Titus O’Neil
* Paige
* Jack Swagger
* The Dudley Boyz
* Summer Rae
* Mark Henry
* Braun Strowman
* Bo Dallas
* The Shining Stars
* Alicia Fox
* Dana Brooke
* Curtis Axel


* WWE Champion Dean Ambrose
* AJ Styles
* John Cena
* Randy Orton
* Bray Wyatt
* Becky Lynch
* WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz w/Maryse
* Baron Corbin
* NXT’s American Alpha
* Dolph Ziggler
* Natalya
* Alberto Del Rio
* Demon Kane
* The Usos
* Kalisto
* Naomi
* The Ascension
* Zack Ryder
* Apollo Crews
* NXT’s Alexa Bliss
* NXT’s Mojo Rawley
* NXT’s Carmella
* Breezango
* Eva Marie
* Erick Rowan

UNDRAFTED: Heath Slater

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  1. I think they’re afraid to move her. She’s been the heart of NXT for a long time now and with losing people like Finn Balor, they might have felt it would be too big a blow. I still expect her to go to one of the main shows though by WrestleMania. Maybe even SummerSlam.

  2. any injured superstars can’t take part in the draft (he’s injured / acting in a wwe movie so he’s unable to be a draft pick)

  3. he’s injured / starring in a wwe movie so he was unable to be a draft pick because no injured superstars are allowed to be picked but then again it might not be the end of the wyatt family depends where luke harper ends up when he returns later this year

  4. Or, she’s Sasha’s mystery partner for Battleground and she’ll stick on the main roster afterwards.

  5. I don’t know who I feel worse for; Curtis Axel for being drafted lower than Mojo-goddamn-Rawley, Eva-goddamn-Marie, and Dana-goddamn-Brooke, or Heath Slater for not even being drafted at all. Poor bastard.
    Also, is it just me, or does it seem weird that there were 72 (73 w/ Slater) people part of the draft (counting tag teams as the appropriate numbers)? It most certainly is a lot for a single roster, but seems like not enough for two. Hmm.

  6. Rowan and Wyatt are on SD, which means Luke Harper will join them eventually and then the “original” Wyatt Family will return and reign supreme.

  7. Strowman has been let loose? This will either make or break him, will see. Then again they think Corbin is the second coming…Maybe of Lex Luger or Sid, but not someone who is going to be legendary.

  8. I hope Strowman is brought back to the Family. It will probably be done if his single push fails.

  9. Was Sin Cara also undrafted? I don’t see him on either brand. And I guess Naomi is no longer injured.

  10. Well, there go my hopes to see The Shield again eventually…pity, I’ll miss the fights between Ambrose and Rollins.
    Btw, can anybody explain to me the logic of putting the champs and the No 1 contenders in different roosters? How’s that going to work w/the rematches?

  11. Where are the older WWE vets that the company was promising to bring back? And what will become of Heath Slater?

    And what of Lesnar? Last I heard he failed both drug tests that he was given in the UFC. Is the WWE seriously gonna keep him around despite that?

  12. Are you sure? I heard on YouTube that Luke quit the WWE via Twitter. I hope that isn’t true, I loved the Wyatts!

  13. What I really wonder about is al the former TNA guys like Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. What do they think about not being brought up to the main rosters? Is there some sort of plan to have a NXT invasion or will they bring them up to flesh out the rosters?

  14. I love that they left Heath out. That means they have plans for him, and he will probably float both shows trying to get a job. I hate that they never give him a real push, but this could put him over more. He has paid his dues and then some, so why not? Have him trying to get in the buildings. Have him complaining about being the last picked. Have him front row of shows and even Battleground getting the crowd behind him. Get him out of the Social Outcasts and build that man up! He deserves it more than Zach Ryder.

  15. Or they will introduce a new WWE title on the roster that doesnt have the WWE champion.

    That… Or the champand, tag champs & women’s champ should float between shows. The US and IC can be on separate shows.

    Also, I can’t wait to see trades start happening, stars demanding trades, invasions… This could be done well.

  16. I definitely want to see trades especially after the stupid decision to put Braun Strowman on RAW while having Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan on Smackdown.

  17. Oh that’s right….Considering the promos i skipped, that they gave them, I didn’t remember, nor see the irony of the name and how far down the draft they were picked…

  18. But Randy was drafted….. Injury means nothing. Everyone whether injured or not, popular or hated, mid card or whatever should be drafted. Are they just gonna put him somewhere when he returns…. If so kind of pointless actually having said draft.

    I know the draft is just storyline stuff but they should actually book it more seriously

  19. he’s not injured since it was announced on raw this past monday that he would be at BATTLEGROUND on the highlight reel this sunday so they needed to add him to the draft

  20. it’s pointless to suspend brock lesner if he’s returning at summerslam & hasn’t been in wwe since wrestlemania plus ufc hasn’t revealed what was in lesnar’s system if it was a drug or something else that can make u fail the drug test

    this weekend is when his results will be made public

  21. smackdown or raw might get there own championship depending on what happens this sunday if ambrose retains raw will need to create their own titles same goes for smackdown if ambrose loses

    but if ambrose does lose he will be the automatically entered into a title match for the new title for smackdown down the line when they get 1

  22. Where the . is Joe? Where the . is Nakamura?
    Can you believe they picked Mojo Rawley over them? And to do what, keep Hype Brothers intact??!

  23. the reason why luke harper hasn’t made his return is because he’s injured & after he recovers he will be acting in a wwe film

    where u heard that he quitted wwe is fake

  24. I’ll change the channel for sure. Can’t take that much boring at a time. But.. Hey wait aren’t they on different rosters?

  25. yep your 100% right my bad i haven’t slept since tuesday night all the way till now im .ing tired & when im tired i forget stuff

  26. USADA has not revealed any information other than lesnar failed 2 drug tests before UFC-200

    so ESPN better be right about the drug if not they’ll get backlash fans hate it when there given false info

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