Slam Wrestling is featuring an interview with WWE star Ted DiBiase from The Ottawa Sun. Here are some highlights.

On meeting Andre the Giant as a child:
“I’d been wanting to meet Andre the Giant and I went to see my dad … it may have been in Mobile (Ala.) … I could see Andre sitting down,” says DiBiase. He was huge, the size of a refrigerator. I’m saying to my dad that I’m scared and he’s telling me, ‘That’s OK.’ So I get the courage to walk over and say hi to Andre. He palmed my hand like it was a basketball and picked me up off the ground and sat me on his leg. He was a gentle giant.”

On getting started in the wrestling business:
“I wanted to (be a wrestler) ever since I can remember. But it’s something my father was adamant that I not do — with the travel and the strain on your family life. It was kind of like a miracle to me. I was in college and my father was hired back as a road agent. The way the business was being conducted had changed so much. The opportunity to make a very good living was much higher. He told me if I still wanted to do this, I had to finish college and then it was up to me. And he said he wanted me to train with Harley Race.”

On starring in WWE Studios’ “The Marine 2”:
“(The movie) was an incredible experience. It was nice to be a hero for once. Instead of getting body-slammed or Batista-bombed, I got really blown up.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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