Video of the much talked about Miz and Daniel Bryan exchange from the 8/23 Talking Smack episode

WWE has posted video of the much talked about exchange between Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz from the end of last night’s 8/23 Talking Smack on the WWE Network.

The exchange started when Miz and Maryse crashed the Talking Smack set and Miz confronted Bryan about why he wasn’t on Smackdown Live last night. Bryan responded by saying that he doesn’t respect Miz and that in his opinion, Miz is the epitome of the “soft, WWE style” and “wrestles like a coward.” This set Miz off and he unleashed on Bryan, ripping on him for never returning to the ring and saying that the style he wrestles allows him to have been injury-free, where as the style Bryan wrestled forced him into retirement.

Bryan responded that he would still be wrestling if “they would let him” and Miz answered back by saying that Bryan should just quit then if he wants to wrestle so much and go back to wrestling in bingo halls, causing Bryan to storm off the set. Miz continued his diatribe on Bryan, proclaiming that he will make the Intercontinental Title the most relevant title on Smackdown Live, before storming off the set with Maryse to close off the show with host Renee Young in a state of shock.

You can view the full exchange for yourself below.