Scott Hall

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall issued the following tweet on Wednesday morning addressing his “recent relapse” this past Saturday at the Atlanta airport.

As reported earlier, Hall was escorted from a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant and was described as being “drunk, rowdy and disrespectful” to a bartender working that day.

A witness said Hall was spotted drinking Coors Light and tequila shots. After a manager was unsuccessful in getting Hall to leave, local police were called and helped escort Hall from the restaurant. A police report was not filed according to the report by TMZ Sports.

You can view Hall’s statement below.


  1. Embarrasing. This guy is a write off. Don’t even understand why so many people still insist on helping him. Clearly, he can’t even help himself.

  2. If you check out the WWE DVD they go into a lot of his psychological issues that stem from when he accidentally killed a man in a street fight when he was wrestling with the attackers gun. They only recently realised what was wrong with him and are now giving him very specific treatment/counselling for this illness it is likely going to get worse before it gets better and the reality is they are never 100% again but he strives to have more good days than bad.

  3. Wow. What a loser comment to post. Clearly you have ZERO understanding about addition and the related issues. How about stop being such an ignorant asshole.

  4. fortunately Scoot Hall is a good friend of triple H so he will not be write off from wwe legend (and its contract too)

  5. even the strongest people have their weak moments. i never expected hall to be sober for the rest of his life without slipping up from time to time, thats why when i found out about it i was like this doesn’t surprise me. the guy is human after all.

  6. 1. What does addition have to do with anything? What’s next, multiplying or dividing? *to different poster
    2. Who the F is Scoot Hall?

  7. You’re probably some idiot dickhead that either gets hammered regularly, does drugs, smokes, or all of the above. Listen, anyone with half a brain knows that those are all DESTRUCTIVE. You choose to start and partake in those behaviours before they become habits and addictions, so I don’t feel sorry for Hall or anyone else that chooses this. Stupid jackass. I hope you don’t breed. The world is already overflowed with enough useless wastes of flesh. Asshole.

  8. And clearly you are just an ignorant loser who spouts random insults in an attempt to put himself over hoping for more attention.

    Then again, I wouldn’t expect any actual understanding from a person who lives through hate colored glasses and has to resort to unimaginative name calling in order to feel like a big man.

  9. As a recovering addict myself I personally know several people who have had periods of clean time, relapsed, and then we’re able to find recovery again. To say that just because he relapsed he was never really sober to begin with is ignorant. You obviously don’t know anything about addiction or recovery.

  10. Not personally but there have been people in my life who kicked their addictions for good and never fell off the wagon again. It depends on the person I suppose. But for Scott Hall, whenever he makes the news on wrestling sites it’s ALWAYS stories like this and has been for most of his active career and afterwards. Positive stories about Jake Roberts pop up every now & then but for Hall, this is all we ever hear about him so yes I question if he ever has really wanted to be clean & sober again.

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