Vince McMahon has announced that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, 71, will require surgery after suffering an injury while training recently.

The official statement from WWE reads:

“WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon sustained an injury while training, requiring surgery, has learned. The Chairman will be back in the office at WWE Headquarters on Wednesday, as usual.”

No other details are known at this time.


  1. Terry Funk was 71, when he wrestled against Jerry Lawler at USA Championship Wrestling in Jackson, Tennessee…… what???

  2. its a health thing man, Most 71 year old men dont look the way vince does, it a proven fact that if you keep muscle on you that you are less likely to develop problems later on in life. Hes not training to get in the ring hes training to live longer and i respect that. have you seen his back muscles? the guys back looks better than mine and im in my 30s and i go to the gym often

  3. Isn’t there something like – if you’re all muscly and so on, you need to keep training else they will sag and get fatty worse than if you never had them and were just an average shape? I don’t know, I’m not a bodybuilder.

  4. He also works “part time” in the ring so he gets to use magic pills 🙂 as does HHH if you look at him at werestlemania he looked awesome like he had gone back in time 10 years

  5. @ SteelCity1981 & Jaime Miguel

    Are you 2 implying that the WWE Wellness Policy is a sham and that Vince & HHH both excuse themselves AND Brock Lesnar from the policy they drop the hammer on others for? Your cynicism is shocking! Shocking I say! Pshaw and good day to both of you! *haughty snorting*

  6. why does wrestling need to be a stipulation for wanting to look good or keep fit? what age did you give up on that?

  7. um because it’s sad to see a 70 year old wrestle maybe who can’t remotely perform as well in the ring as someone much younger. plus they are very limited to what they can do in the ring due to age and any decent bump could cause serious damage to them that someone much younger wouldn’t have a problem taking.

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