Vince McMahon talks about potentially selling WWE, Dolph Ziggler on never wanting to leave WWE

Vince McMahon talks about potentially selling WWE

During a conference call to discuss WWE’s third quarter 2016 earnings, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was asked about the recent AT&T and Time Warner merger proposal and the recent sale of the UFC and if he ever considered selling WWE to get the most value for his shareholders. According to a report by, McMahon said they would always consider anything, but that there is something to be said about controlling your own destiny. He added, “We are open for business.”

Dolph Ziggler on never wanting to leave WWE

Sky Sports is featuring an interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and why he never wanted to leave the company, but had started to make preparations outside of the company had he decided to not sign a contract renewal.

“I’d been in talks with an agent for about a year and told him to have a couple of things ready after the date after the No Mercy pay-per-view just so I had my bases covered. But while I was prepared to go, I sure as hell never wanted to go.  WWE is a business but Vince McMahon is a human being and if I went to him and said I need to leave because I can’t go higher on the card, I believe he would understand and let me go. I could go and do other things, too – I am fortunate that I have a stand-up career, while I have also gone on Fox News to talk politics, something I study, write about and have lots of ideas about. But I am still prepared to be the best WWE Superstar I can be and I want to keep doing this.”