Hell in a Cell

During an appearance on “Busted Open” on SiriusXM satellite radio, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair stated that WWE ended up removing two planned spots from the Hell in a Cell main event between Sasha Banks and Charlotte for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

“They took two huge spots out of the match, during the match, because they were afraid Sasha was going to get hurt. If the original plan had been, there were two things and I don’t want to say what they were, but you can only imagine. One of them involved a moonsault.”

Flair also added it would have been a very hard match to follow had it not headlined.

“For Vince to put them in the main event, you know, if I’m there and I’m watching the show, it’s a good thing they were in the main event, because nothing could have followed it.”

The Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte main event follow out was discussed on this week’s Wrestleview Live podcast (beginning at the 30:00 mark) that you can hear below.


  1. Love ric, but the troiling for his daughter is just getting to a point where it’s just uncomfortable to hear

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