Wrestlemania 33

Coming off the heels of this morning’s announcement about next year’s WWE Survivor Series PPV in Houston with a NXT TakeOver special and TV tapings to accompany the four-day weekend, ESPN’s Darren Rovell posted a new article on Thursday afternoon that states that beginning with WrestleMania 33 next April in Orlando, WWE will be launching a new business model that will see the company run a NXT TakeOver special, one of the big four PPV’s and TV tapings for RAW and Smackdown Live in one select city over a four day stretch.

The idea of this business model is said to be to streamline ticket sales with all of the events that weekend taking place in one venue, to cut production costs and to create a bidding war for cities to be selected to host these events.

The new business model will also see WWE release advance ticket packages for fans who want to go see all four live events over the course of that weekend, with advance ticket packaging for Survivor Series next November in Houston going on-sale on December 6.

Besides WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando next April, WWE has also locked down SummerSlam weekend for next August in Brooklyn and the aforementioned Survivor Series weekend next November in Houston, with the location for the Royal Rumble weekend in January 2018 yet to be determined.


  1. Whoo… That’s pretty intense as a fan, but brilliant from a business standpoint. It’s also great for the talent, to get some time off from the hustle and bustle. I just hope they’re given forewarning as to where these huge events are going to be originating from so they can get their hotels lined-up before prices spike!

  2. That’s a great way to maximize profit, provided that fans are able to shell out the money for all 4 events in their city. It’s also a major win for the hosting cities, as they will see a significant bump in tourist revenue. With that said, I wish they were doing that for the Royal Rumble coming up here in San Antonio 🙂

  3. Oh they’ll get forewarning. They’ve already announced that next year’s Survivor Series (which will be the first under this new model) will be in Houston on November 19, 2017 with travel packages going on sale December 6, 2016 and tickets going on sale December 9, 2016. All of that was reported yesterday on this very website.That story is right below this one on the homepage and is the middle link above the comments on this article.

  4. Not quite what I meant. I was saying, I hope the talent are told before the news about these events breaks, so they can get in early before price hikes that big events will always bring along with them.

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