WWE star Cesaro took to Twitter on Friday noting that he was not featured on the poster for WWE’s upcoming tour of Switzerland on May 10 (Zurich).

Cesaro is from Lucerne, Switzerland.

You can check out his tweet below.


  1. Yeah, it is. And to add to the insult, they decide to put his tag-team partner Sheamus on the poster. Nothing against Sheamus, but you figure they’d feature Cesaro who would no doubt get the loudest pops on those shows. He needs to leave, he deserves way better. One of the most legit, strongest, hard working and athletic wrestlers in that company. Probably the most impressive also, with the stuff he does in that ring.

  2. Considering how early this poster is released, I think this is an angle, especially with Daniel Bryan responding the way he did. He will be on Smackdown soon enough.

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