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PPV: WWE Night of Champions (July 26)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Good Afternoon students! Welcome once again to the latest edition of ?Prediction From the Faculty?. This time we will be predicting the latest pay per view, which is WWE’s Night of Champions. Before I begin, I should define the word ?Champion?.

Champion – a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place. (Thank you!)

Ok, now that we have the definition out of the way, the WWE currently has eight champions (not including Jericho’s ?Mystery Partner?). All of these champions will defend their titles tonight in what should be a pay per view much better than last week’s TNA offering.

So class, today our faculty has over ten of the professional wrestling’s greatest columnists and we will all provide whom we believe will be called ?champions?. First off, it is my honor to introduce a new member to WrestleView’s Faculty. He is one of the men that inspired me to become a columnist on this website last year. My goal is always to impress each reader out there (as well as my peers). Hearing this man call us an ?elite group? means a whole lot to this faculty. So we are proud to introduce MIKE SICILIANO, author of Pro’s From the Palace into our Faculty!! Welcome, Mike and thanks for allowing us to present your picks on here as well.

As of the time I started this column, I added up Professor Siciliano’s predictions and I may be wrong. I will post what I have and if there are any errors, then my apologies.

Well, so far our spot for the Dean’s Chair has been contested by a few of WrestleView’s finest. After a run by Josh Boutwell, Joe Baiamonte’s star still shines the brightest as he is STILL WrestleView’s Dean of the Faculty. However, he still must watch his back. Josh Boutwell, David Stephens, and even our WrestleView students are all waiting for Dean Baia to get into a slump.

So, who will be the REAL ?champion? after these picks? We will find out after ?Night of Champions?. So class, pay attention and read up! Class is about to being for these predictions!

First, please allow me to present the latest standings?

Current Predictions From the Faculty Standings (as of Victory Road)

(Victory Road record is in parentheses)

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..55-36 (5-4)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)…..53-38 (3-6)
3) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)…..52-39 (5-4)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)…..51-40 (6-3)
5) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..49-42 (6-3)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)…..46-45 (2-7)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…..45-31 (6-3)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)…..42-37 (3-6)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..40-31 (6-3)
10) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)…..39-26 (6-3)**
11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..29-27 (6-3)
12) Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recapper)…..27-14 (6-3)
13) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..23-21 (6-3)
14) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..9-8 (6-3)
15) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)…..8-7 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..4-4 (0-0)

All are present except for Profs. Klubnik and Droste, as they are excused.

**We will provide the predicted winner of Professor Siciliano only in our column. If you want to see his explanation on his picks, please check out Pro’s From the Palace #326, it is a must read!!**

And Now Class?.The Faculty presents Our Predicitons for WWE’s Night of Champions! Enjoy! And remember if you want to make predictions, you may do so at I average out the wins and losses each time the students predict the PPV outcomes. Thanks to all our readers who participate in our game. Who ever gets the best record will be rewarded with a ?Gold Star? in the latest ?From the Desk of Mr. V?.

All Matches are for a Championship

Diva’s Championship
Maryse (Champion) vs. Mickie James

Joe B. – MARYSE.

Josh B. – MARYSE. I would rather Mickie win it but this would be a quality win for Maryse and she will most likely go on to feud with Gail Kim.

David S. – Beats me, let’s go with MARYSE.

Jose M. – MARYSE. I don?t think WWE is quite through with her yet. Say what you will about her work but she is one of the few people who have come into the business who just get it right away.

Anthony V. – I will probably be wrong on this one, but my heart says MICKIE JAMES (by pin or DQ). Maryse may be the ?it? girl in the WWE, but there was something that happened last week on RAW that was really suspicious. For some reason, I say The Miz interferes in the match and cost Maryse the title (or match). Just one of my bold predictions.

Matt O. – MARYSE

Phil C. – MARYSE

Josh P. – As much as I like Maryse, for some reason, I just see Mickie James winning this championship. I don’t know. Just call it a gut feeling. MICKIE JAMES


Doug L. – MARYSE via some odd reason. Sure, I think Mickie will get the title around her waist in the very-near future… just not right now. While everyone has been snorting up lines on the idea of a Mickie/Gail title match, the methods of how to get to that remain to be seen… so until Gail is given the push, Maryse will keep the strap.

Chris K. – MARYSE.

Sean H. – MICKIE JAMES, judging from the fact that Maryse got the upper hand on Raw.

Mike T. – MICKIE JAMES will capture it.

The Faculty Predicts…MARYSE! Even though she was pinned a few times leading to a momentum swing for Mickie James, the majority of the faculty gives the edge to the French-Canadian Diva who could very well take advantage of her attack on Mickie last Monday night.

Total Vote: MARYSE 8; Mickie James 5

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (Champion) vs. Melina


Josh B. – MICHELLE. Taker’s future baby mama aint droppin the belt.

David S. – Since when are there two belts for the women? Yeah I need to watch Smackdown more, how about MICHELLE.

Jose M. – I don?t know why I love Melina but I am going with MCCOOL on this one

Anthony V. – Two women’s matches in the WWE??? When did this happen last? Well, because MCCOOL just won this title and she might be the best all-around female wrestler not named Natalya in the WWE, that is who I will go with.

Matt O. – MCCOOL

Phil C. – MELINA

Josh P. – Seeing how she just won the championship, I don’t think she’ll drop it so quickly to Melina. MICHELLE MCCOOL


Doug L. – MELINA via unleashing her inner-cat-like she-beast. One of the few title changes on this card will be because of how frantic the build-up was to it on ‘Smackdown’. When you have Melina going crazy-8 bonkers like that, you hafta’ think that either she is gonna’ to do the same on Michelle’s finely brushed hair… or someone will run in and interfere…


Sean H. – MICHELLE MCCOOL, since Melina got the upper hand on SD.

Mike T. – MICHELLE MCCOOL will retain.

The Faculty Predicts…MICHELLE MCCOOL! With Michelle McCool’s title reign only about a month old it is the obvious choice that the vast majority of the faculty are saying that (as Prof. Boutwell states) Taker’s future baby’s mama will defend her title successfully against the female version of Gumby, Melina.

Total Vote: MICHELLE MCCOOL 11; Melina 2

Unified Tag Team Champions

**We also predicted who Jericho’s Mystery Partner will be. That will not count in the standings, but the result will (no matter who Jericho’s partner is)**

Chris Jericho/????? (Champions) vs. Legacy

Mystery Partner

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – “HBK” SHAWN MICHALES. That’s right I took the plunge on the forums and suggested it now I’m predicting. Doubtful? Yes.


Jose M. – N/A (see his prediction below).

Anthony V. – When I thought of the Mystery Partner, I looked for someone with the same credentials as Edge, but not as popular as Edge. I looked at the list of Grand Slam champions and was surprised of the one I am going to pick. This man is currently in the WWE and was just the Third wrestler to accomplish the WWE Grand Slam (only HBK and HHH got it before him). The answer?KANE!! That is who I will go with.



Josh P. – God.. I have to predict the partner? Well in my dreams, it would be Christian, but I haven’t a clue as to who Jericho is going to pick so I’ll probably get this wrong and pick CHRISTIAN.


Doug L. – KANE. There is only one logical reason I have for making this assumption… process of elimination on Smackdown’s roster. Now granted it would have been more difficult choosing from all three brands who would back taking Edge’s spot, but with Dolph Ziggler already booked in a match and Matt Hardy out with torn abdominals… Kane seems to be the only solid heel that Jericho would even consider being his partner.



Mike T. – BIG SHOW

The Faculty Predicts…ALMOST EVERYONE!! With a mystery, no one really knows who it is going to be, but I will post the final vote anyways?

Total Vote: Ricky Steamboat 2; Kane 2; Shawn Michaels 1; Mark Henry 1; Christian 1; Shelton Benjamin 1; Chris Masters 1; Cody Rhodes 1; Big Show 1

Final Outcome!



David S. – Despite the fun and intrigue of bringing in a mystery partner, I think it will be more beneficial to give the belts to LEGACY.

Jose M. – When I wrote my column a couple of weeks ago about possibilities there was a possibility that I didn?t include due to promising someone that I wouldn?t write about it in the column. Needless to say while nothing is ever concrete this is the possibility WWE is leaning towards and if that does indeed happen I expect HIM AND JERICHO to rein supreme.

Anthony V. – A tag team with Kane (who can really boost his moderate stock up) and Jericho will be too much for Cody and Ted. I say JERICHO and KANE (?) win the match. As for Legacy, don?t worry. Ted will be a big name before the year is up, it has to happen.



Josh P. – Even if I get the partner wrong, I?m about 100% sure that Chris Jericho and his mystery partner will win. CHRIS JERICHO/????????

Mike S. – LEGACY.

Doug L. – LEGACY via the most obvious choice… do you really think they would keep a spontaneous strap on Kane in the middle of his whimsical little feud with The Great Khali?


Sean H. – JERICHO AND RHODES (or) whoever the Jericho pair ends up being.

Mike T. – JERICHO AND BIG SHOW. Very interesting match. All heels.

The Faculty Predicts…JERICHO AND THE MAN OF MYSTERY!! The majority of the Faculty predicts that no matter who the partner will be for Jericho, it will be those two (not Legacy) that will be victorious in this Tag Team Bout.

Final Vote: JERICHO/??? 10; Legacy 3

United States Championship (6-Pack Challenge, or whatever they called it)
Kofi Kingston (champion) vs. Big Show vs. The Miz vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP

Joe B. – It’s a toss up between Show and Swagger I think. Nothing to choose between them. I’m gonna stick my neck out and say THE BIG SHOW.

Josh B. – KOFI. Evan Bourne should really be in this match, but I see Kofi sneaking the win out and actually pinning Show.

David S. – Well this is a cluster—- if I’ve ever seen one. This is a six pack challenge, so I am going to pick the one guy who doesn’t actually have a six pack – BIG SHOW

Jose M. – I think a title really has to change hands to get things going on this show and the mid card titles are my pick for this to happen. I expect THE MIZ to win the title and get over the hump and be involved with a few babyfaces going into a match in Summerslam.

Anthony V. – Off the topic, who in the H-E-Double Hockey Stick is Evan Bourne NOT in this??? Swagger is a very good pick here, but he is feuding with MVP now. That takes them both out of the equation to me. Carlito is there to possibly heat up a feud with his brother. No way he wins it. So that leaves three choices. I don?t see Kofi keeping it because, let’s face it what has this done to his stock? I say that BIG SHOW wins this match. First off, he needs a break after jobbing to everyone and second, he is 0-for-5 in PPVs this year so far. He deserves it.


Phil C. – BIG SHOW

Josh P. – Yeah… a conglomeration of people in one match. We all know that Swagger, MVP, Carlito and The Miz are cannon fodder. Miz is kind of lost. He’s stuck on Cena, but has something else going on, Swagger isn’t established yet other than he’s an Orton suck up, MVP is floating right now with Swagger, and Carlito is intertwined with Primo. So that leaves Show and Kofi. I have a feeling either Show will cost Kofi the title, which will either put the belt on him or one of the other four, but in all reality, this MIGHT be where Kofi gets a 1-UP on the Big Show to add more continuity to the Big Show Cruiserweight Destroyer storyline. KOFI KINGSTON


Doug L. – THE MIZ via atypical cluster. match. I’m more disturbed by WWE’s regard for the US Title. These have been the only types of matches created for PPVs when the US strap is up for grabs. Another title was treated like this not long ago… the Cruiserweight Title. We’ll see how long this title survvies… but follow me on the prediction. MVP and Swagger hate each other… Big Show and Kofi hate each other… Carlito is there for filler… leaving the awesome one!


Sean H. – Who freakin knows? My gut says Big Show, but I don’t think he needs a title to be a top guy. Hmm… KOFI retains.

Mike T. – I’d like to see the Miz take the title. MIZ is my pick but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the All American American take it.

The Faculty Predicts…THE BIG SHOW (but not majority). Though our faculty members think that Swagger, Miz, and Kofi have a chance in this match five of the professors in this room agree that The Show will be the NEXT U.S. Champion.

Total Vote: BIG SHOW 5; Kofi Kingston 3, The Miz 3, Jack Swagger 2.

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio (Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Joe B. – REY REY.

Josh B. – REY. Rey wins it in what hopefully is the first match to another good feud.

David S. – should really watch Smackdown more often, if I did I wouldn’t be caught off guard that Dolph Ziggler has a PPV match. Hmm, REY REY?

Jose M. – If Rey Misterio is going to feud with CM Punk he probably would not need to have the IC title…I am not a fan of this move but I see ZIGGLER taking this one

Anthony V. – Is it just me, or is Dolph really getting pushed too fast? I think Dolph will be a big deal in the future, but not now. In a match that will steal the show (if done right), REY MYSTERIO will deliver the 619 and the luchador mask-wearing crowd will rejoice and have a feast fit for a King!!


Phil C. – ZIGGLER in an upset.

Josh P. – If Ziggler wins… I’ll be shocked… REY MISTERIO JR.


Doug L. – REY via pure insanity to switch now. After three of the greatest matches of the year we have seen involving Rey, Jericho, and the IC Title… how crushing would it be for Ziggler to win it? How could a Rey-Ziggler rivalry even compete with a Rey-Jericho rivalry? It doesn’t…


Sean H. – MYSTERIO, please.

Mike T. – REY MYSTERIO will retain and they’ll go to Summerslam.

The Faculty Predicts…REY MYSTERIO! Many of the faculty members think that it will be a good contest, but Dolph Ziggler may not be ready to hold the prestigious Intercontinental Championship (yet). Almost everyone predicts that Rey Rey will be able to defend his title over the upcoming Ziggler. But hey, Ziggler ends up a winner anyway by having Maria as an valet, right?

Total Vote: REY MYSTERIO 11; Dolph Ziggler 2

ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer (Champion) vs. Christian


Josh B. – DREAMER. Captain Charisma fails once again to regain his gold.

David S. – It’s Philly! You have to give this one to the ECW original DREAMER.

Jose M. – In my opinion this is the hardest match to call but I am going to give this one to CHRISTIAN as he turns heel.

Anthony V. – Might be one of the toughest to pick here. But then I thought.. it is in Philly. ECW originated in Philly! So, I give the advantage (just barely) to TOMMY DREAMER. He will and lose it to Vladimir Kozlov in a month or two.



Josh P. – Hmm.. tough pick. This could be the chance for Christian to become a two-time ECW Champion, but I don’t think we are done with Tommy Dreamer. Plus, if Christian ends up being my mystery partner pick, then it’s going to throw my predictions out of the window. TOMMY DREAMER


Doug L. – DREAMER via Kozlov feeling left out. Dreamer and Christian will have a decent match probably lasting only 5 minutes, then out comes Kozlov just beating up either one of them setting up the potential triple threat for SummerSlam. Simple enough?



Mike T. – CHRISTIAN. No one wins in their hometown.

The Faculty Predicts…TOMMY DREAMER! We all think Christian is the more dominant athlete, don?t get us wrong. However Tommy Dreamer will be in Philadelphia (home of the original ECW) and the crowd will be for him. Also, Dreamer does give his best efforts in the ?City of Brotherly Love?.

Total Vote: TOMMY DREAMER 9; Christian 4

World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy

Joe B. – CM PUNK.

Josh B. – PUNK. Punk gets the clean pin this time and sends The Rainbow Haired Warrior (man that is a gay name) packing.

David S. – I want to see CM PUNK have a long and healthy run with the belt in order to cement his ultra heel personality.

Jose M. – CM PUNK finally gets a win here and reigns on as champion.

Anthony V. – Will they give Jeff the title here and give it back to CM Punk on Smackdown? Doubt it! Stock Tip: Buy shares in DineEquity and sell them next week! Why DineEquity (NYSE: DIN)? Because they own IHOP! They are selling at 30.83 a share and it went up last time Jeff lost a title match. I don?t to explain why, just do it!! I say CM PUNK finally ends Jeff’s career in the WWE (for now).

Matt O. – CM PUNK.

Phil C. – HARDY to send the teenybopper goth girls home happy.

Josh P. – Without signing his contract, unless he does it at the very last possible minute, I don’t see any way in hell that Jeff Hardy is walking out of this PPV with the championship. Besides, we are still in the middle of the CM Punk heel evolution. CM PUNK.

Mike S. – CM PUNK.

Doug L. – CM PUNK via Jeff’s contractual woes. I don’t care how popular he is or how checkered his past his… if Jeff does not have his contract extended before his match, he will never be a World Champion for longer than one month and would never be given the title just to pad his resume… either be serious about your career or get out!

Chris K. – CM PUNK


Mike T. – CM PUNK will take this one. Then we’ll find out Jeff Hardy was fired for a third violation only for us to find out Punk sabotaged him and he’ll return in the fall.

The Faculty Predicts…CM PUNK! I was almost able to play Vince McMahon’s theme song here (which in the case I will find a link to it), Prof. Chroniger believes there could be a shocking upset! Sadly, no one else agreed (well, maybe because it is a secret ballot until publication) and everyone else in the Faculty predict an easy win for the Straight Edge Superstar!

Total Vote: CM PUNK 12; Jeff Hardy 1

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. John Cena vs. HHH


Josh B. – HHH. Hunter wins the belt and hopefully turns heel for a feud against Superma….I mean Cena.

David S. – No reason to take the belt off Orton at this point, but it is tough because I am having Punk retain and the WWE might enjoy moving at least one of the belts. So purely on a whim and in hopes of an upset to boost my standing, never mind I just can’t take the belt off of ORTON.

Jose M. – It would be nice to see RANDY ORTON defend the title and have a decent reign. I think the chances of seeing him make it to Mania are slimmer than what we hoped but I do think he can get past this Wrestlemania 24 rematch with the title.

Anthony V. – I really like Randy Orton’s reign so far. However, I am bit concerned knowing who is in this match as well. I don?t want to see HHH have another reign this soon because I don?t think he is getting a big reaction by the fans. I am going to pick JOHN CENA (kills me to say this) because the only time he has lost a PPV this year was when the Big Show threw him into a spotlight.

Matt O. – JOHN CENA.

Phil C. – ORTON.

Josh P. – Cena and Orton eliminate each other here. Yeah, they are both faces, but do you honestly think the two biggest faces on Monday Night Raw are going to let each other get the pin here? Their egos are going to crash and Orton will take advantage of it. RANDY ORTON


Doug L. – ORTON via what I learned from WM24. Everyone seems to be taking shots and getting drunk with predicting on the idea of Cena/HHH at SummerSlam… sounds good to me but the build up and payoff need to be something more than just a #1 contender slot. When that match goes, who will take on Orton? Mark Henry?! Uh oh… um…. hehe… guess it doesn’t sound too illogical huh?

Chris K. – ORTON.

Sean H. – JOHN CENA.

Mike T. – RANDY ORTON will keep it.

The Faculty Predicts…RANDY ORTON, THE MAN WITH VOICES IN HIS HEAD! I for one was real shocked at how many of the members actually chose Orton to defend his title. As I run down the consensus, I think we only have ONE title changing hands. Weird? Though SuperCena and Mr. Stephanie McMahon, and Orton will be battling all over in this contest, a lot of Faculty members are going with the same result that happened in WrestleMania 24. Orton for the win, and the title defense.

Total Vote: RANDY ORTON 9; John Cena 3; HHH 1

Well, that wraps up another edition of ?Predictions from the Faculty?. I would like to thank the professors this week for their continued support. I think so far this article has become a great success for everyone involved. Also, be on the look-out for The ?2009 Faculty Half Year Awards?! Starting Monday, I will provide a few awards and the professors weighed in on who is deserving. A lot of pleasant surprises are upcoming, so stay tuned for that. This replaces my ?Half-Year? Column. I decided to use this because: 1) I did not like it and did not want my readers to suffer through it. and 2) I wanted other opinions, not just mine.

Well, until our 5-part series on the best of 2009 this is WrestleView’s resident teacher Anthony Valvo telling you to enjoy your weekend and become a ?champion? in your own way! You are all officially…DISMISSED!

Thank you for reading and we will see you August 16 for TNA’s Hard Justice if you do not choose to read our Half-Year Awards.

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