During last night’s WWE RAW from Portland, WWE officially announced two matches for the upcoming RAW-only Fastlane PPV on March 5 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kevin Owens will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Goldberg, while Roman Reigns will take on Braun Strowman.

These were the only matches announced for Fastlane so far in four weeks.


  1. I’ve been dreading this since they asked Goldberg “Do you have another title run in you?”. I’m not a fan of them putting titles on the part timers.

  2. So this is How I can see things going from now to wrestlemania. Goldberg def Owens when Lesner takes out Jericho at ringside. (Lesner does this so he can get the Title shot). which leads to Owens blaming Jericho for the title lose leading to Owens winning the US Title at WM. Undertaker will get involved with Reigns after the My Yards comment leading to there WM match. Samoa Joe will win a No 1 title match leading to a future match between him and Lesner (who will win the belt at WM). Bayley will win the Title next week then lose it at fastlane to Nia Jax and Jax will face Charlotte or Bayley Probably both at WM. which leaves the Tags title to be a pre WM match.

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