A lew look for Rusev; joins Lana for Dr Seuss day, Unseen Goldberg images

A new look for Rusev

For the longest time, WWE and NXT audiences have known Rusev with long hair. That is no more. In recent days, Rusev posted a new look on his personal Instagram.

Quick to notice the reaction of fans, Rusev followed up with a comment to fans on twitter

Rusev and Lana celebrate Dr Seuss day

In celebration of Dr Seuss day (otherwise known as Read Across America), Rusev and Lana attempt to read the classic story Green Eggs and Ham

Unseen Goldberg images

WWE.com recently posted several never before seen photos of Goldberg that span across his time in WCW and his most recent return to WWE. Photos include him posing with fellow superstars backstage, preparing for matches and photos outside of wrestling.