Edge Christian Announcement

Edge and Christian Announcement

Edge and Christian recently took to twitter to tease an upcoming announcement. No details have been provided as of yet. The two last worked together on their WWE Network exclusive “The Edge and Christian Show.” The reveal will be at 12pm EST today.

Edge has previously teased a season two of The Edge and Christian Show, but this announcement may be unrelated.

Titus O’Neil honored

Well known for his charitable and community work in recent years, Titus O’Neil was honored by The Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team in recognition of his work within the Tampa Bay region. He was named as the 32nd Lightning Community Hero of the 2016-17 season, receiving a $50,000 charitable donation.

Through his work with various nonprofit groups, (O’Neil) has inspired change, raised resources, and helped children and adults throughout the Tampa Bay region lead better lives and build brighter futures. He has helped more than 245 student athletes across the Tampa Bay area get into college the past six years; lead corporate volunteers in reading books to children in after-school programs; used his story to inspire employees from companies large and small to give, advocate, and volunteer; and taken part in the United Way’s Walking School Bus program in at-risk neighborhoods by escorting children to school on foot to make sure they get to school on time and enjoy a healthy breakfast. (O’Neil) hosts an annual Joy of Giving event, where he hands out toys to more than 1,000 children. He also visits kids with cancer in the hospital, including those who have lost their battle to the disease.