conference call

WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque held a conference call on Thursday with members of the wrestling media to talk NXT, Wrestlemania 33 and more. Here are highlights from the call:

* At the beginning of the call, Triple H sent out his condolences to Jim Ross for the passing of his wife Jan on Wednesday night.

* On if he is happy now with the NXT product after saying he wasn’t happy on the last call, Triple H said that he will never be full happy, but him saying that wasn’t from the talents’ end, it was more from his end of thing behind-the-scenes, etc. He is much happier where NXT is right now.

* Triple H said that cameras will be filming the matches at AXXESS involving UK talent, but it won’t be for the upcoming UK show or actual shows in general and noted the next NXT TV tapings the Wednesday after Wrestlemania.

* Triple H touted the growth of NXT talent like Patrick Clark and The Authors of Pain when talking about what the Performance Center is all about.

* Triple H noted that he is also thinking about growth in the Performance Center when asked if it would ever be expanded to other areas other than Orlando.

* On whether former ROH champion Kyle O’Reilly would be coming soon to WWE, Triple H said that O’Reilly amazing and it comes down to what makes sense for both sides to work together.

* Triple H praised during different questions NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno for what they have brought to NXT, specifically in Ohno’s case with him returning back to the company after leaving a few years back.

* Finally, Triple H said there have been conservations, but still said its an evolving process when it comes to getting NXT on TV, as well as the upcoming UK show and whether it would be on the Network, or on UK TV.