WrestleMania Kickoff

Aries comments on WrestleMania Kickoff

Austin Aries addressed the WrestleMania Kickoff Show this Sunday and being part of it when he challenges Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

As reported earlier, WWE has shifted the scheduled Smackdown Women’s Championship match to the Kickoff Show this Sunday as well.

Apparently some wrestling fans tweeted at Aries voicing their displeasure that his match was put part of the Kickoff Show and not the main card. Aries had this to say.

John Cena in “Ferdinand”

WWE has posted the trailer for the new movie “Ferdinand” voiced by John Cena.


  1. they won’t put their two most overhyped/overrated “superstars” on the pre-show. As much as I would love to see Miz and Maryse win; they will let the glory hogs win

  2. Exactly… just a “safe” response, cause he knows if he says otherwise then he’s in the doghouse. Just ask Ryback, who at least had the balls to speak out against the company’s stupidity. What’s funny is that Aries’ match will be one of the few actual WRESTLING matches. Seriously, where is the Wrestling at Wrestlemania?! Triple H will be having a half assed match against a guy that’s still somewhat injured. Miz & Cena have the women thrown in, that match is nothing more than a cheap spectacle. AJ Styles (probably the best wrestler in the company) gets thrown in a match with a non-wrestler. Lesnar has to work with an old out of shape guy, we’ll be lucky if that “match” goes more than 7 minutes. And Reigns is up against an even older and more out of shape guy. So again, how many actual wrestling matches will there be on this thing?

  3. That response is the reason why Aries is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Simply put, if all of you internet nerds want to see this Cruiserweight title match so much, it is a smart business decision to put it on the pre show because it adds incentive to watch/attend the pre show. The pre show actually is elevated with the Cruiserweight title match so I love his response and look forward to this 6 hour “thrill ride”.

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