Jim Ross has posted the following blog over on his official website updating the health status of WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco.

“Jerry Brisco is not a happy camper today. He was mentally ready to undergo surgery on Thursday to repair a heart defect but the surgery has been postponed for the second time.

Jerry’s heart surgeon had an emergency surgery to perform on Thursday, his surgery day, and now Jerry is re-scheduled for July 9. I told Jerry that the good news is that his heart condition is such that the WWE Hall of Famer can safely wait until next Thursday while the other individual who bumped Jerry was in an apparent life threatening situation. Jerry had prepared himself mentally for his heart surgery and now must patiently wait, if that’s possible, for next Thursday’s procedure. I think Jerry being so ready for the surgery is a good sign that he’s ready to solve his issue now and without the immense apprehension that can accompany an ordeal such as this.

When I was suffering from debilitating stomach aches for months on end in 2005 while not knowing that I had a tumor on my colon and a perforated large intestine, when I finally got diagnosed I was more than ready to have the surgery done and find out what my fate was regarding the tumor and to hopefully end the stomach pain. All of the sudden I became much less worried about my status on Monday Night Raw, etc. That period of time in my life was exactly the time that my displaced personal and professional priorities had to change.

Jerry will be great because he’s mentally and physically tough plus he has a great medical team ready to make him like new. A “valve job” can do a person wonders.”

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