Matt Hardy: “DELETION is coming”, Seth Rollins reflects on Samoa Joe

Matt Hardy: “DELETION is coming”

Current WWE superstar Matt Hardy returned to the company after a several year absence. During his time away, he adopted the persona of “Broken Matt” along with Jeff Hardy becoming “Brother Nero” during their time with Impact Wrestling. Since their departure from Impact Wrestling, there have been legal disputes over the rights to the “Broken” title. Matt took to social media to seemingly suggest that these issues may soon be resolved.

Seth Rollins reflects on himself and Samoa Joe

This Sunday, Seth Rollins will face Samoa Joe in a 1 on 1 match at the Payback PPV, after feuding for the last several weeks. Joe injured Rollins during a confrontation on Raw in his debut, which almost cost Rollins a spot at Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Seth took to social media to reflect on the history that he and Joe have together as he prepares for the match at Payback.