WWE star Edge made an appearance on B95 Radio and discussed a variety of topics including the hosts noticing that he has been receiving a babyface reaction lately. Edge added, “There’s a little bit of a groundswell. I’m starting to feel it a little bit…I think a lot of it too is just tenure. When you’re around for a long time the people go, ‘God, he’s been around here a long time and been in some pretty hellacious matches.’ And when you start to get that on your resume it gets harder and harder for people to boo you. I think that’s what Shawn Michaels ran into and that’s what Undertaker ran into. When you get to a certain point – not that I’m in their league or anything – but once you get to a certain point after a lot of time and a lot of matches that have entertained people it becomes harder and harder for them to boo you. That’s kind of been my challenge for the last little while is to keep them booing me. I think (Chris) Jericho is going through the same thing right now.” The full interview can be heard over at B95ForLife.com.

Source: ProWrestling.net