According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has decided they will not be offering Ric Flair a new contract and the word making the rounds is that they have no plans to use Flair on television. This is largely being considered a business decision on the part of WWE as they don’t want to sign him as they don’t want anyone under contract whose bookings they don’t have full control over.

This news comes just one day after Elaine Gillespie of Gillespie Talent, who handles Flair’s non-wrestling bookings, sent out a statement to the media letting people know that Flair is still available for bookings through them and not WWE even though he has been on Raw recently. also noted that WWE brought Flair to the TV tapings two weeks ago in Charlotte, NC in hopes that it would swerve backstage leaks going out saying Flair was at the show and giving people the impression he would be announced as the new GM when instead they went with the surprising Donald Trump announcement that ending up only lasting a week.