Any issues between WWE and Rey Mysterio in the last few weeks appeared to have calmed down reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Although the issues may not be completely settled, he is not leaving and was reportedly on the verge of doing so at one point. This was described as a pretty big deal a week ago within WWE as there was a fear he would quit. Although Mysterio is under a long-term contract with WWE he did bring up to them the idea that he thinks he could make more money in Mexico. Whether or not that is credible is not known as Mysterio has been making around $1.5 million with WWE and the belief is that he couldn’t make that much in Mexico. AAA had reportedly offered him a $1 million signing bonus and in excess of $1 million per year when his previous deal with WWE was expiring. He is believed to be among some on the WWE roster that are probably seeing a decrease in 15% in pay because of revenue streams being down. Whatever issues he might have had with WWE appear to not be an issue at the moment and is said to be happy with his current program with Chris Jericho.