As of early this weekend, the script for last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw was not finished and the belief is that the decision to kill the angle of Donald Trump as the new owner of Raw was likely a last-minute situation reports The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter.

The original Trump storyline was scheduled to go much longer than one week, although the general feedback among mostly everyone in WWE was said to be negative about it in the first place. The announcement of Trump “buying” the show last week also didn’t help matters as it didn’t get the reaction Vince McMahon was said to be expecting.

The obvious goal with the storyline was an attempt to get some press, although very few media outlets picked up on the story last week and those that did ended up looking bad when they reported it as fact. This forced WWE and USA to issue an apology press release later in the week. Another problem was that after the mess that was created last week among the media, the company again hoped they would get picked up when it was announced that Trump was providing a full ticket refund to everyone attending the show last night in Green Bay. Of course almost no one picked up the story except for local media. The line right now is that WWE ended up buying themselves $230,000 worth of publicity and it probably wasn’t worth it in the end.