Derek Farber sent this in:

Cena was on the field during the Cubs and Indians batting practice. This would have been around 2 hours before gametime. He talked with Soriano which looks to have been filmed by WWE. Then he made the rounds talking to local media and also various groups that were on the field. About 1 hour till game time he walked thru the stands and back into the entrance of the field for fans where I am guessing he went into the locker area. About 30 minutes till game time he reappeared out the Cubs dugout and thru out the first pitch. Then after him George Lopez thru out one too. When they announced Cena on the PA before he threw the pitch they mentioned WWE Superstars, his CD, and the movie 12 Rounds. Fans cheered and when he threw the pitch it was a little high. Enjoy, and thanks for all the news on the WWE, I check your website all the time and really enjoy it.