Harley Race

WWE.com is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race suffered a fall at his home in Troy, Missouri on Tuesday. Race suffered two broken legs as a result.

The WWE report noted that Race suffered a sustained fracture to his right femur, breaks in his left fibula and tibia and a spiral break in his left ankle.

As a result of the fall, Race required “emergency surgery” to relive swelling on both legs. Race also needed four blood transfusions and underwent surgery on Friday to reset the fractures. That is all the details currently known at this time.

On behalf of the entire staff here on Wrestleview.com, we would like to wish Race a speedy recovery during this hard time.


  1. Here’s wishing as speedy a recovery as possible to one toughest men ever to step in a wrestling ring.

  2. I opened up Wrestleview, saw that picture of Harley’s face, then the words “Harley Race suffers” and my heart sank until I focused enough to read the rest of the headline then the entire post. It sounds like he went through a horrible ordeal but hopefully he’ll make a full recovery even at age 74. We’ve had too many wrestler deaths & other tragedies this year as it is. What an utter downer it would be to also lose one of the all time greats like him in the same year. But still, that damned dark cloud hanging over the wrestling business this year just isn’t letting up.

  3. I bet wrestlers from all over were lining up to be able to give their blood to Race. A tough-as-nails guy like him would need blood from someone just as tough. Chuck Norris comes to mind. 😉

  4. Somehow given it’s Harley Race I reckon the patch of ground he hit wound up even worse off.

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