Smith Hart is now in Hospice care, Jake Roberts wants to face Bray Wyatt

Smith Hart Hospice Care

Smith Hart is now in hospice care

As previously reported, Smith Hart announced that due to his ongoing battle with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, he would soon be moved to a Hospice. Today he updated us to confirm he has now been placed in a Hospice.

To anyone and everyone, cherish the moments you have in this world. Do not waste your time with hate or anger. To anyone I have offended, mistreated or been at odds with, please accept my humblest of apologies

Jake Roberts want to face Bray Wyatt

Many similarities have been pointed out between the characters of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Bray Wyatt. Neither fit the mold of the stereotypical wrestler, both are mysterious, very psychological and with a presence that few can replicate. For many, a dream match up is Jake Roberts versus Bray Wyatt and it seems that Jake is in agreement. He posted to social media wishing for a match up between himself and Bray