Jim Ross has a new blog up on his official website at this link providing an update on WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco. It was initially reported that Brisco suffered a stroke and later corrected that he suffered a blockage in an artery in his neck and is also suffering from a heart issue. JR is now reporting that Brisco did indeed suffer a stroke and not just one, but three strokes.

JR added the following:

“The doctors now think that one stroke occurred Saturday and the other Sunday morning. They are not sure when Jerry suffered the first stroke. This is all new info confirmed on Wednesday afternoon. It was originally believed that Jerry had not suffered from a stroke but further tests proved otherwise.

While doing a battery of tests, doctors also discovered a small hole in Brisco’s heart and a heart valve issue that will now be repaired next week, likely on Thursday. This procedure will be done via his groin as to make it less evasive and the doctors are highly confident that this issue will be addressed completely with the medical procedure.”