Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns SummerSlam announcement

WWE has been promoting this week that Roman Reigns will be making a SummerSlam announcement on RAW next Monday night in Evansville, Indiana.

Hardys talk return

WWE has posted clips of Corey Graves’ interview with Matt and Jeff Hardy discussing their surprise return at WrestleMania 33 and overcoming their demons.


  1. Let me guess:Roman Reigns will face the winner of the WWE Universal Championship (who most likely will be Brock Lesnar) at SummerSlam.

  2. a rematch vs undertaker, i quit match..Taker wins, Roman quits…comes back at royal rumble as heel, enters as number 30 ( because vince said so ) wins it… goes to wrestlemania wins the title = happy vince !!

  3. Both of you are wrong it’s gonna be Roman Reigns vs GOLDBERG GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! superman punch and spear vs spear and Jack Hammer

  4. John Cena match? I’d go for it. I think with the type of promos Cena cuts, Cena would be a huge babyface entering the match.

  5. Id like to see Cena with a Jack Daniels bottle every time he enters the ring…like a madass badass heel that dont give a f…that goes on to be the longest champ ever to run of his 17th reign and retirement

  6. Ambrose dont have the body for it…Cena has the HULK body but gets beat up way too much…its just not selling..

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