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Big YouTube views for Lesnar vs. Joe

While WWE continues to struggle with TV ratings, YouTube views have remained strong and were even more so for the Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe segment from RAW on Monday.

The opening segment of the show featuring a brawl between Lesnar and Joe has drawn over 4.7 million views on YouTube as of Wednesday morning.

If you missed the segment, you can check it out below courtesy of WWE.

Paige return to WWE update

Paige indicated on both Twitter and Instagram that she was undergoing her final x-rays to examine her neck and hinted that a comeback to WWE could be coming soon.


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  1. Even if she comes back to WWE the fans will chant inappropriate comments towards her (I could be wrong).

  2. Probably so, but also, I really don’t think she will add much to the women’s division at this point.

  3. combination of lighting and make up. plus i think shes leaned out a bit. just enough to be noticable

  4. that was a hot start to a raw in front of a very indifferent crowd. Shame. wwe needs to get on the bandwagon for challenging Youtube about wrestling not being ad friendly content. almost 5 million views? Thats got to be serious money that wwe ISN”T making.

    as for Paige, i want her to come back and be awesome but considering vince didn’t really know what to do with her in the first place i think there is little chance of that. Vince only seems to be able to deal with all the girls all at once (phrasing) right now. Can’t seem to build any of them up for actual single matches for the title(s) damned shame really. so much amazing talent on the roster.

  5. Psh. YouTube views plus an empty sack equals an empty sack. Too bad Worst Wrestling Ever can’t turn those YouTube virtual dollars into actual dollars for Raw.
    Brock + $12 million = ratings; right? XD

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