John Cena is featuring an article regarding John Cena returning to Smackdown Live in a few weeks on July 4 and the confusion regarding his “free agent” status.

If you recall, WWE released a video promo earlier this week promoting Cena’s return on July 4 and listed him as a “free agent” at the end of the clip.

According to the WWE article, Cena became a free agent following the Superstar Shake Up that took place after WrestleMania 33. Cena has been off television since proposing to Nikki Bella t at WrestleMania this past April in Orlando.

The article does tease the possibility of Cena either staying with Smackdown Live or possibly making the jump to RAW going forward. Either way, it would be appear to clear up a lot of confusion regarding the promotion by WWE in the last week.


  1. So let’s say you’re watching a documentary on youtube about Hitler, and you comment about how evil Hitler was. Does that mean Hitler wasn’t terrible, in your eyes?

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  2. Godwin’s Law is a sad retort.

    No, that’s not comparable at all. It’s more like watching a documentary on Hitler and commenting “this channel sucks”. Then watch the next show right after it.

  3. Starting arguments on the internet is what is really sad….
    At any rate I fail to see any confusion in the original message.

  4. Upvoting your own fallacious comments is the mark of a pitiful troll.
    And Wrestleview is reporting on the story as it appears in WWE are the ones clearing up the so-called confusion so direct your misdirected ire at their website.

  5. The retort has nothing to do with Godwin’s law. Because a thing sucks is not a good reason to fail to point out that it sucks. The opposite in fact. Your comprehension skills suck.

  6. From the “article”, the last line: ‘Either way, it would be appear to clear up a lot of confusion regarding the promotion by WWE in the last week.’

    Try reading the original post before commenting, clown.

  7. You are a pretentious moron. In your false analogy, you equate not liking the subject of a documentary to not liking a website and it’s content. A better analogy would be…this documentary was poorly made and the YouTube channel is terrible. Which begs the question, why would you go back to the channel just to tell everyone that it sucks. His comment refers to you already thinking wrestleview sucks, yet you are still here reading and commenting. Probably because you don’t get laid very much. If at all.


  8. I read just fine dipsh*t and once again, Wrestleview is reporting on the article that put up itself regarding its biggest star. Whether or not you consider it a non-story doesn’t matter. It’s still wrestling news with an outcome yet to be determined. Many if not all the other wrestling sites reported on this same story and some even discussed it in their podcasts. Feel free to go to one of them. You won’t be missed here.
    And upvoting your own posts still makes you pitiful.

  9. The entire promotion makes no sense, how anyone can watch the WWEvil train wreck is beyond me, go research the flat earth and learn something! If you support WWE, you support EVIL!

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